From the Opening Page of Injustice For All

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America has become a nation where the majority of our citizens base their beliefs and opinions upon the spin from media coverage and news feeds that often regurgitate unverified facts: in particular regarding data. People usually gravitate toward or seek out media sources that support their most familiar opinions and views—which ultimately become a belief system.

After eliminating the private (FFELP) community in 2010, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) now controls a growing majority of student loans. In 2014, the DOE decided to make unauthorized “adjustments” to a long-standing law for quality measures based on the student loan cohort default rates (CDRs). I KNEW something was terribly wrong. I examined various publicly-available data and reports to determine exactly what had been “adjusted” and found a plethora of manipulated data and inaccurate reporting for private (FFELP) and federal (FDSLP) loan program CDRs and for sector-level institution CDRs and gainful employment rates.

The greatest illusionists have used sleight-of-hand methods to distract people from seeing what they are actually doing. In many ways, constant media focus on extreme examples of certain publicly-traded proprietary institutions is a seductive distraction: the sleight-of-hand that keeps the U.S. Department of Education’s epic failures out of the headlines.

Almost silently with a whisper…a horrible fate is occurring in the United States—the annihilation of our higher education system through manipulation of facts presented to the public that provide false impressions of outcomes and performance metrics for ALL institutions of higher education. This situation wields the power to quickly turn America from a country lauded for ingenuity and leadership into one of growing ignorance and lacking self-reliance.