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Ms. Hammer is an expert resource for journalists who need reliable answers to tough questions about how the U.S. government handles student loans, cohort default rates, higher education loan regulations, and the topics of financial literacy and education legislation.

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“Mary Lyn Hammer has helped craft federal rules on student-loan defaults and alerted the department to past problems in student-loan servicing. Former Education Department officials praised her hands-on approach to counseling borrowers and her detailed knowledge of the student-loan system.” The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Mary Lyn Hammer—Congressional witness, non-federal negotiator and witness for the U.S. Department of Education (DOE), and seasoned education advocate is the entrepreneurial founder, president, and CEO of Champion Col-EDGE Solutions. Her belief that education is the vehicle for making dreams come true has led her into a lifelong passionate fight, beginning in 1987, to rectify problems in the higher education industry to ensure future participation for all students. During her career in higher education, she has touched more than 3 million students’ lives through her companies and advocacy. Ms. Hammer’s company Champion Col-EDGE Solutions (now in its 3rd decade of business), offers default prevention for federal and private student loans, job placement verification, skip tracing, consulting services, and custom surveys for students, alumni, and employers. Champion teaches students how to repay loans but does not collect money on behalf of schools.

Ms. Hammer’s accomplishments include numerous state, regional, and national awards and recognitions over the years in both the higher education industry and professional business arenas. She has participated in training sessions and workshops for numerous state, provincial, regional, national, and private associations in both the U.S. and Canada in a continuing effort to share her experiences and knowledge. Ms. Hammer has had several hundred articles published in numerous higher education magazines.

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“Ms. Hammer is the consummate expert on student loan default rate data in the entire United States. She presented spellbinding research and findings regarding loan default data deficiencies in the federal data analysis at our conventions. Attendees marveled at the level of detail and understanding that she demonstrated. She distilled a complex matter into a simple, eye-opening presentation that resonated with all.” Terry Zaleski, Executive Director, Coalition of New York State Career Schools
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